EMS South Africa

Mail Hub

Conditions of Mailing

The Postal Service will deliver within the following days:

South Africa: 3 - 4 working days from Office of Exchange (Johannesburg International Mail Centre)


Rest of the world: 4 - 5 working days from Office of Exchange (Johannesburg International Mail Centre)


The maximum weight is 30 kg per item


EMS items shall not exceed 1.5m for any dimension or 3m for the sum of the length and greatest circumference measured in the direction other than length.

The items are trackable.

Commercial documents must be clearly marked and provided with an EMS waybill.

The items must be correctly addressed to street address and include a phone number.

The recipient must collect the items from the Post Office against positive identification. The items will be subject to Customs inspections.

Enquiries regarding an EMS parcel must be made within 90 days of posting.

Senders will be held personally liable for any prohibited articles and will lose the right to claim.

Prohibited items include:

- Bank notes and coins

- Arms and ammunition

- Live animals and plants

- Liquids

- Narcotics

- Jewellery and precious metals

- Explosives

- Perishables

- Dangerous chemicals

Proper packaging must be provided and is the responsibility of the sender.

Sharp instruments and utensils must be well wrapped so as not to cause injury.

Fragile items like ornaments must be also be well wrapped to prevent breakage.

The average maximum mass limit for a single item is 30kg, however this is negotiable depending on the nature of the item.


Optional insurance at 3% of value, maximum insured value R5000.

- How to complete a waybill.